U COUNT Campaign | Updates From Our Partners
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Updates From Our Partners

Updates From Our Partners

Prayer from New Delhi, Praise from Global Family 

Prayer Requests From Project Rescue New Delhi:

Please pray for (A) as she has not been feeling well.  She has been struggling with weakness and headaches.  Pray for healing.

They are looking at a shortfall in monthly financial support for both the boys’ home and the Outreach Center.  Pray that God would provide the resources and funding needed for these facilities to continue their amazing work.

Pray that as the hot season approaches and electricity is in short supply, they would not experience long power outages, as in past years.

They are finalizing their purchase of the Outreach Center on March 20th.  Pray for a smooth closing and easy transition of the property.


The Following Praise Comes From Global Family:

“Dear Friends,

A few days ago, a young girl who had been trafficked from her village into the city of Delhi and held at a placement agency was able to escape and find safety with the police. She is now in our shelter as we care for her and work to trace her family. This is sadly not a unique story, but she is unique and special… she is somebody’s daughter who has been taken and wants to go home.

This daughter has been away from home for 2 months. Even though she was repeatedly scolded and beaten, she had the courage to leave that place and find safety. What a girl!”