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Praise and Prayer 

Praise Report:

 Ministry partners in Delhi were able to put a deposit on the first floor of the Outreach Center!  This will give them ownership of the entire building in the red light district- a first!  We can’t wait to see how God continues to use this space to bring light into the darkness.

All the staff helped with VBS last month and the kids had a great time.  Two of the older girls even invited friends from their school!

 Prayer Requests:


Please continue to pray that the paperwork and details for the sale of the first floor will be done quickly and with no issues.  The goal is to have this transition completed by middle of July if not sooner.

 Please keep all the children in prayer as they go home for family summer holiday on June 9.  .  Please pray for safety and protection.  Two of the older girls will not be going to the village, so they will be spending some time with ministry leaders in their home.  Pray that they have a good time while the other children are with families.

Please pray for the director of the ministry, as she is very busy trying to facilitate the licensing of the homes.  Please continue to pray for this process to be finished and that the license will be granted.

Three young people completed a one year assignment serving as care givers at the homes.  Their departure leaves a greater need for staff for both the boys and girls homes.  Please pray for this need to be filled and for the staff that is remaining.


 Please pray for a new program starting for girls who have been trafficked across the border.  They will be entering into a 16 week program of business training and therapy.  Pray that they will experience healing through this process and also gain skills to have income in the future.   Please pray for God’s guidance for the team of 6 who will be working with the girls.


The Prayer Patrol has shared the following areas of prayer focus for the month of June.

Week 1- Hotels on Harmony between Lemay and Ziegler

Week 2- Midtown hotels

Week 3- Mulberry corridor

Week 4- Loveland/Windsor- I 25 and I 25 and 34 area.

Prayer points-

-For management and employees to have eyes to see what is really happening and to have the courage and integrity to call in and have a zero tolerance for prostitution and trafficking in their hotels.

-For darkness to be exposed to the light- and all would clearly see the damaged caused in allowing this darkness to continue in their hotels.

-The hotels that are “allowing” this would not prosper financially or even close down.

-Protection from the enemy over these hotels and the women involved.

-For the women to see the harm prostitution and trafficking is doing to their lives and want to get out and find a way of escape from this bondage and destruction.

-For places for these women to go to get help and change their lives.

-For the men who seek their “services.”

-For His light, love, truth and grace to prevail.


 Please be praying for Rich’s Ride, June 19th-28th as they ride to raise support for Homes of Hope in Delhi.

Pray for safety for each of the team members.  Pray that God would give them many opportunities to share this cause and that the response would be generous in financial support and prayer support.