U COUNT Campaign | U COUNT January 2013 Prayer Notes
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U COUNT January 2013 Prayer Notes

U COUNT January 2013 Prayer Notes

Local, Haiti, Project Rescue Kolkata, Project Rescue Delhi


Upcoming Event:

Spotlight Weekend ~ all weekend services January 26th and 27th.

Pray that this weekend would provide an incredible opportunity for U COUNT to share our vision and that people would be inspired with hearts of generosity, as our partners count on the donations we receive to sustain their efforts in bringing hope and restoration to victims of the sex trafficking industry.

Pray for the new partnerships we have developed with Red Rocks Church in Golden and Plum Creek Community Church in Castle Rock.  Pray that as the Pastors of these churches present their recent experiences from India to their congregations, their stories would ignite great passion to be a force of change within the trafficking industry.



In September, 2011, an orphanage in Haiti was shut down for abuse and trafficking of the children.  It was the first time in 10 years that an orphanage was shut down, and paved the way for 26 other orphanages to be shut down for abuse and/or trafficking.

A couple from Nebraska is in the process of adopting 2 of the children in Haiti who were rescues from the first orphanage.   Pray that the adoption would go smoothly and quickly and that this would open doors for more adoptions to take place.

Pray for an 11 year old boy W. who was rescued from the same orphanage~ that he would be moved to an orphanage where he is loved and able to get the care and counseling he needs…or that he would be adopted into a loving Christian home!  He has been through incredible trauma and needs God’s miraculous healing.

Project Rescue Kolkata


The staff, women and children had a wonderful Christmas full of joy and celebration.

U COUNT Marketplace was able to send a generous year-end bonus to the ladies at the VU.

Pray that the girls would be able to attend good schools close to their home, and for excellent educators who are fluent in English.

Continue to pray that they would find a new multi-purpose building to purchase before their current lease expires this March.

Project Rescue Delhi


They are close to capacity at both the girls and boys homes!

The staff, children, women and families had a beautiful Christmas celebration and for many, this was the first time they had heard the story of Jesus!

The recent rape of a young woman on a bus in Delhi has sparked public outrage and protesting in the area.  Pray that this tragic rape would serve as a catalyst for change throughout India.  Statistics show that a woman is raped in India every 3 minutes.

Pray for the girls as they are settling into the new girls’ home.

Please continue to pray for God’s guidance and direction as they look for a new director.

Changes in leadership roles at both homes have been made.  Pray that the staff would work in unity and love as they work through challenges related to these new changes.

They are completing paperwork for the new space they recently purchased to serve as their Outreach Center, as well as registering both homes with the government.  Pray that the process would be completed quickly and properly.