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Mathew 6:6 (NIV)

But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen.

November Prayer Needs:


Pray for our quarterly Community Response Team meeting to be helpful and unifying as we continue to lead our region toward collaborative practice.

From our Uganda Prayer Partner:

Continue to pray for the young lady in Oman. There is still have no news about her coming home and so commit her to the Lord.


Praise that the trauma-healing course is going well. The volunteer who is doing the discipleship with the ladies is also getting trained in Celebrate Recovery through her church and she is so excited to see that both courses will be a blessing for her to help the ladies and many others who need the help.


Pray over my Bible counseling certificate. The teacher has bumped up the teachings so we are learning 2 weeks at a time so that we can finish by the end of this month. Pray that I will retain the information and understand how to apply it with this model.


I have also been blessed to have a mentor from the US who is training me to be a life coach and I already have my 1st client. So pray, as I am able to learn and help this client to reach her full potential.   


There is a consortium of us who partner together and one of them works with child sacrifices. I am going to spend time with them as we look at how best to facilitate there organization with therapists and counselors and trainings.  They have asked that I help interview there candidates and look at the curriculum of what they can do for the children, the family member’s and the staff.   This is a HUGE step in Uganda, as most organizations look at this as the last thing not the primary goal.  I am excited to be part of this transformation and am praying that other organizations will take this approach.  They still feel that people are demonic who have mental illnesses or suffering. So pray with me that this starts a wild fire of restoration and healing in this country.  And pray for the staff as they see horrific things and we are now reaching out to them.  Praise the LORD.


Praise report and prayer. I met a young women last year who came back from Oman Jordan who has been trafficked. She and I have been meeting weekly over the last year and I want to say she has given her life to Christ in this time and has just finished the trauma-healing course.   Please pray over her, she has come so far and I just see the light in her again. My prayer is that she sees her potential to teach this class, and helping others. She is not working right now and has a 4-month-old son; please pray for her that she will find a job or that God will provide for her. 


From our Spain Prayer Partner:
God’s protection over the safe house, residents, and leaders as they are working against the powerful evil forces of the international mafia in Spain.

November Events:

Please pray for these upcoming events:

  • Nov 14, Holiday Tea & Bazaar in Lakewood 4-8pm
  • Nov 17, Warehouse Sale 5-8pm
  • Nov 19, Plymouth Congregational Church Alternative Giving Fair, 8-1pm
  • Dec 2, Holiday Market with a Mission, Everyday Joe’s, 9-3pm