U COUNT Campaign | U COUNT March 2013 Prayer Notes
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U COUNT March 2013 Prayer Notes

U COUNT March 2013 Prayer Notes

Praises, Prayer:  Local, New Delhi, Kolkata



Amy’s House had its ribbon cutting ceremony in February!  They are opening with 8 beds for children who are victims of forced prostitution, and hope to expand to 24 beds within the next couple of years.  We will continue to pray for the girls who will be in this residential treatment program, for the staff and directors.

In New Delhi, Project Rescue was able to obtain the Outreach Center in the RLD!  A down payment has been made and they will take full possession on March 31st!  In December, over 20 ladies in the RLD attended Project Rescue’s celebration of the birth of Jesus and heard the story of Jesus.  Pray that the light of our Lord Jesus shines brightly on GB road and for protection over the Outreach Center.

TVPRA (Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act) has passed!  This will offer continuing support for programs that assist victims of trafficking, provide better tools to stop trafficking overseas, to prosecute traffickers, and to respond quickly to the vulnerable in crisis areas.  http://freedomcommons.ijm.org/news/national/tvpra-passes-house-representatives




Two team members from U COUNT will attend the Colorado Project on March 6th – a statewide conference on trafficking in CO.  They hope to learn specifics in prevention, protection, and prosecution strategies.

Pray for volunteers to join our domestic trafficking team.

Please pray that prayer would be a top priority for all U COUNT volunteers, and that as a team, we would remain ever cognizant of the need for Jesus in every aspect of the victims’ healing process, in all decision making, and in all of our activities.

Sarah’s Home continues its 40 days of prayer to fully fund the home with monthly support.


Project Rescue New Delhi

The staff member in charge of the girls’ home will be away for a couple of weeks.  Please pray for the remaining staff as they take care of the girls without her.

Pray for safety and health of all the children.

Pray for little boy “M” who came to the boys’ home in January.  He is fearful and has had problems with bed-wetting at night.  Pray for him to have peace and adapt well and for the staff to have patience.

Work continues on the registration of the homes with the government.  Pray that the process goes smoothly and quickly.

They have connected with another NGO in the area to obtain low-cost medical, dental and eye care!  Praise God! Pray that the children would continue to receive the care they need.


Project Rescue Kolkata

Continue to pray for a new location for the Vocational Unit.  It is critical that the women have a place to make their products, so they don’t return to a life of prostitution.  Pray for protection for their minds and hearts and that the women would not feel a pull to return to the life that they left behind.

Pray for encouragement for the staff and for peace and unity among staff, women and children.