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Prayer:  Local, Kolkata, New Delhi

Prayer Requests:


Part of the U COUNT Men’s Team will be helping with a fencing project at Sarah’s Home the weekend of June 15th and July 20th.  Pray for safe travels and that God would energize them as they help complete this physically demanding work.  Praise God for these Men who have a heart and passion to serve in this capacity!

They are still in the process of training the staff at Sarah’s Home.  Pray that this time would be productive and that it would serve as an opportunity for the staff and mentors to get to know each other well.  There is still much to be done before the projected opening date of June 26th.  Pray that God would give the staff and directors wisdom and guidance during this time and that they could work efficiently to get everything done.  Sarah’s Home is still in need of consistent monthly donations for their daily operations.  Please pray that the funding they need will be made available to them through generous donations.

Pray for local anti-trafficking efforts and praise God for all that is being done here in our community for trafficking victims:

~ Pray for “Grace”- that she would allow God’s grace to replace her shame, that she would see her situation in truth and God would remove the blinders from her eyes about her “boyfriend.  ” Pray for Christians to bombard her and the Spirit to recall early seeds of faith.

~ Pray for “Love”- that she would experience God’s love and affection.  Pray that she would start afresh now that her pimp has been arrested.  Pray she would seek out some of the resources provided.

~ Pray for “Hope”- that she would hold out hope for more for her life and believe that she is valuable enough to do something different.  It seems there is a heinous family tangle of sin and evil.  Pray that she would choose a better way and feel safe and free to do so.

Pray for Amy’s House, a Residential and Restorative Care program here in Larimer County for exploited girls.  Please pray that they would get the funding and licensing needed to operate.

Sarah Miles, one of our U COUNT volunteers, is now in Uganda where she will be doing some amazing work with children.  Pray for strength, guidance and wisdom as she walks with God on this incredible journey.  Pray for her health and safety and for wonderful connections and friendships to flourish.  We thank God for giving Sarah a heart to serve the children of Uganda!

Please continue praying for our dear volunteer, Ruth, as she is recovering from a major cardiac event.  Pray for a complete recovery and that God provides her with renewed strength every day as she moves forward in her healing process and therapy.

Project Rescue Kolkata

They still do not have a multi-purpose building to move into.  Continue to pray that God would open doors and that His plan would soon be revealed to those working so intently on finding the right location for these women and children.

Project Rescue New Delhi

The children will be returning from their family visits around June 10th.  Continue to pray for safety and protection over each child.

There is still great need for a full time director as well as full time staff for the boys’ home.  Pray that God would strengthen each person temporarily filling these roles and that He would send new, qualified staff quickly.

The renovation work for the Outreach Centre is coming along beautifully!  It is now bright and cheerful.  They plan to have a dedication service on June 21st.

Pray for some relief as the temps in New Delhi are reaching 115!

The daughter of two Delhi Missionaries is preparing to leave India to attend college in the U.S.  Pray for a smooth transition back into life in America as she has lived in India for 7 years now.

Two Delhi Missionaries will be coming back to the U.S. for the next 6 months.  They will need a place to live and a car while home.  Pray for strength and stamina for all that is to be done in India before leaving, peace and joy during the process and for divine appointments while here in the U.S.