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Prayer:  Praises, Local, India,  New Delhi, Uganda



December was a great month for U COUNT in sales and awareness!  Thank you Lord!

Between 2 homes shows, the warehouse sales, and the Red Rocks Church event, $10,631.00 worth of product was sold!  Along with that, many people gained greater awareness of the stories behind the products and what part each of us can play in fighting human trafficking and bringing hope to the victims.

U COUNT Domestic Trafficking Team, led by Beth Bruno, is becoming a critical point of contact for bridging services for victims in Northern Colorado!  Much hard work has gone into making connections and putting plans into place for times of immediate need for victim’s assistance.  Thank God for the way He is using the team and connecting resources in our community!



 U COUNT Spotlight Weekend, January 25th and 26th:

Pray for those who are speaking. Pray that all who attend would be moved to help fight human trafficking and injustice in SOME way…gaining education, volunteering, buying product, turning from use of pornography, mentoring others, praying, getting involved in community services, seeking healing, seeking God’s heart regarding injustice!  Pray that God would make it a very personal weekend and the ears of all who attend would be opened to hear what God has for each of us regarding His passion for justice!

Pray for all working and ministering to stop sex trafficking.  On our team and globally, several have reported feeling under spiritual attack.  Pray God’s Word over this ministry.  He is greater!

Pray for a girl who was relocated to Northern Colorado in Dec. after escaping from the man who had trafficked her.  Pray that she will make good, healthy connections here and get the victims services she need to start the life God wants her to have.

Pray for another young woman with ties to our community who is being sexually exploited out of state.  She is in the process of making connections with people who can help her escape the situation she is in.  Pray for safety and for courage for her, and that she would stay determined to leave.  Pray that she would get the assistance she needs to bring understanding of healthy vs. unhealthy relationships and that God would bring healing to her.

As the numbers of rescued girls and women rises, pray that communities would align resources and have systems and programs in place to provide immediate help for rescued victims, as well as ongoing after-care for all ages.


 Pray for missionaries, Lucy and Kevin.  While they were stateside, Kevin was diagnosed with cancer, so their plans for the coming months have changed.  Pray that they will make the right decisions regarding treatment and for complete healing for Kevin.

Pray for all of the Project Rescue sites, staff, women, and children and their parents.  Pray that their burdens would be lightened through the support of the local and global church.  Pray that parents of the children would come to Christ, as many of the children in the homes pray for their parents.  Pray for favor in their communities and with the authorities, as they continue to work toward providing hope and change.

Pray that those who attended the Christmas outreach programs.

New Delhi:

 Pray for “A”, one of the older girls in the home, who is becoming a role model for the younger ones.  Pray that God would continue to use her and that she would develop as a leader and ambassador for Christ.

Pray for “M”, who is 5 years old and the newest girl in the home.  She was rescued from a high trafficking area after her mom died.  Pray that she would adjust well to living in the home.  Praise God that she had a good health report, as her dad who is in jail, was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.


 Sarah Miles is home from Uganda for a few months to raise financial support, and plans to return to Uganda in the summer.   She has connected with Rahab Uganda, an organization founded to prevent sexual exploitation of girls in Kampala and to provided rehabilitation and resettlement for rescued girls.  Pray for Sarah as she seeks to start a business in Kampala that will provide employment and sustainable income for rescued girls.  Pray also for Sarah’s time at home, that she would have many opportunities to share and raise the support that she needs.

To learn more about Rahab Uganda: http://rahabuganda.org and connect with Sarah while she is home.