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Please pray over the following:

Domestic Focus:


A Face To Reframe’s trafficking training at Thompson Valley High School

which started this month


Child Welfare – as they implement new mandates which include kids who have been trafficked. Pray that this new system will better identify high risk kids before they are trafficked.


From our partner in New Delhi:


I am so blessed to be connected with you all, for all the many blessings you all draw from heaven above for me and all the kids and staff. It’s only prayers and God’s grace, favor and blessing that we can strive forward. Thank you so much for everything. 


Ben was admitted for his further investigation and review of his surgery and by God’s grace he is fine and was discharged within two days. Request your continued prayers that all will be fine with him.


Alex has started his sessions with the Clinical Child Psychologist and is coping well and showing slow improvement. Continue to pray for him as this is a very slow process.


Also we are looking forward to take 3 more new girls and 1 boy into our residential facility.


I also want to THANK YOU for praying with us for a medical doctor for our Out Reach Center at the RLD and God provided a born again lady doctor for us. Praise The Lord! 


From our partner in Uganda



Pray as the girls head back to school for travel mercies,  grades and academics and for the remaining girls who need school fees paid for.

Pray for one of our schools who don’t have room for the new girls and that we will find a alternative and good school for them.

Pray for Pamela who lost her 15 year old sister 3 days after coming back from Christmas holiday.

Pray over a few of the girls who are struggling with past addictions and house rules and who are just being teenage girls.



Pray over the staff and volunteers who come each day and are empowering these young ladies that they will seek wisdom and guidance in everything they do and say.


For the new group of ladies that have come:

May they grow and restore themselves  in Christ and that they will find a true relationship with Christ.


For Allen who has taken over the job of Annette and will have a lot more on her plate this year.

For Annette who has taken the year off to finish her PHD and that the Lord will provide any provision as she finishes the courses.




I am taking the month of February as a sabbatical for my own self-care and renewing.

I pray for  good council and tools this month as I look at how to better take care of myself on the mission field.

For a renewed relationship and love with Christ that I grow deeper in his word and find strength in him.

For travel mercies as I have been flying a lot in the last 3 months and for my body to catch up to the time zone I am in.