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Praise and Prayer


Last week was a milestone in PR Delhi history when the director took all 12 kids to present them to the Child Welfare Committee. The committee was so impressed with all the children that they gave them a round of applause. The CWC has given permission for them to bring in new children and they are working on 2 boys and 2 girls. Pray that it will go smoothly. The organization in Delhi has been working for 5 years to get to this place and they are grateful to the Lord for all He has done.
They are still waiting for the license. Please pray that God would grant the license quickly.

The kids just finished with their final exams for the semester. They have worked so hard this past month with studying. The new school year starts next week. Continue to pray for their education and that they’d be able to concentrate on their studies and do well.

Last week was the first weekly meeting at the Outreach Center in the RLD for the ladies of the community. They had two ladies join them. They will be meeting every Thursday from 11-2 pm, which is Wed. night from 11:30-2:30 am for us. Please pray for these weekly meetings…pray for open ears and open hearts, and that through these meetings things will shift for these ladies.

One of the full-time staff with the boys’ home gave his notice last week. They are in need of a qualified, care giver for the boys’ home. Please pray that God will send someone quickly to replace the former staff member.


Please pray for our partners there and that God would provide protection and peace in all challenges that they face.

Mumbai-Set Beautiful Free:

Their leadership and business team is spread very thin and they are really struggling. They are just really overwhelmed and need prayer for strength and for additional people who are the right people.


Pray for local law enforcement, who have to absorb so much into their souls as they do their jobs to fight sexual exploitation in our community.

Pray for the youth in our community who are chronic runaways and putting themselves in vulnerable situations nightly.

Pray that prevention trainings for youth equip them to make smart decisions for themselves and friends.

Pray for protection and discernment for the volunteers of the Mobile Prayer Patrol.


Thank you for praying for “A”. He was introduced to a French medical team that came in and they were able to assist him so he won’t need surgery. He has reunited w/ his sisters and they are going to help him go back to his village where they have a place for him to recover and heal. Continue to pray for him as he transitions back into his home and family.

They are still in need of a really good trauma counselor to work with the ladies who have been trafficked across the borders. Our 16-week business course will start in April, and the counselor will be a key person for this program. Pray the right person finds their way to them.

Please pray over the 16 week course and that God would give discernment and wisdom as the team chooses five women to participate.

Please pray as they try to find a home that would accommodate 10 women and about 2 children per woman, a drop-in center, and also a facility that would accommodate a daycare. They have about a month to find this space, before they need to move from the current location.