U COUNT Campaign | U COUNT April 2013 Prayer Notes
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U COUNT April 2013 Prayer Notes

U COUNT April 2013 Prayer Notes

Local, Kolkata, New Delhi


Contreat Event is April 11th and 12th.  Susanna Foth Aughtmon will be speaking about Project Rescue and U COUNT will be selling sari quilts and denim products.  Pray for a success in awareness and sales.

Praise God for all of the volunteers who are going through U COUNT 201 and 301 training.  Pray that the gifts and talents of each volunteer would be used effectively in U COUNT’s anti-trafficking efforts.

Sarah’s Home:  Pray for God’s healing for the girls who will be the first residents of the home and that they will truly experience new life that can only come from Him.  Pray for wisdom for the directors and for all financial needs to be met.


Project Rescue Kolkata

Continue to pray for a location for the vocational unit near the red light district.  Pray that God would bless the current staff and provide additional qualified workers to join Project Rescue Kolkata.


Project Rescue New Delhi


Anna and her sister, Rose, have made great progress since coming to the home after living on the streets.  Anna has the highest GPA of all the kids in the program now and both girls love the Lord so much!

The contact will be signed on April 2nd for the Outreach Centre!

The two boys who had problems with bed-wetting have almost stopped.  Thank God for the safety they now have and for his healing process!


Prayer Requests:

Two interns from Southern Asia Bible College will be working with Project Rescue.  Pray that they will have productive time in New Delhi.  Pray also for more young people to be called to this work.

Pray for a director or a couple to direct the boys’ home.  They are short staffed since Anthony and Vandana left and are all trying to pitch in, but are feeling the strain.

Tina has informed PR staff that she did get married, and that they are in love and she is happy.  They will be living with one of her family members and her husband has a construction job.  There is not a church where they are living.  Pray for her safety, for her to continue to read her Bible and pray.  Pray that she would continue to communicate with Project Rescue staff.

Pray for the daughter of missionaries in New Delhi who will be starting college in the US.  She has received a $1000.00 scholarship, and hopes to be awarded work-study for the summer.  Pray for God’s provision for her and that His will would be done in her life.

Pray for the missionaries in Delhi.  They have financial needs to be able to continue the work that they do.  Pray for favor and generous giving as  (K) speaks at churches and raises support.  Pray for God to provide a place for them to live and a vehicle to use while they are in the US.

The government has recently changed the requirements for primary schools.  There are about 700,000 children in Delhi who attend schools that do meet these new requirements.  The P.R. children attend one of these schools and were not able to start the new session this week.   Please pray for clear direction and guidance for the administration, board and church leadership and that the school would reopen quickly.